City Agrees to Pay $500,000 to Settle Sexual Harassment Suit

The City of Arnold, Missouri has agreed to pay nearly $500,000 to settle a sexual harassment case filed by a former police officer. Meanwhile, the police officer accused of the harassment remains employed by the city. The lawsuit comes on the heels of a $55,000 settlement with the city’s parks director over allegations of harassment.

Although this case is miles away from Los Angeles — the city of LA and its police force is no stranger to sexual harassment cases of this nature. In fact, the Los Angeles City Council not too long ago agreed to pay $1.25-million to a lesbian LAPD officer and a retired lesbian officer to settle claims by the two women that they were repeatedly sexually harassed by their supervisor. That agreement was the latest of numerous six- and seven-digit settlements and jury awards the city has had to pay as result of discrimination, retaliation and other employment related issues brought about by LAPD officers.

Sexual harassment unfortunately happens all the time. All too often though, it goes unreported. The first step to stopping sexual harassment is to come forward. Because the more cases that go unreported, the more likely the harassment will be to continue happening to you – and to other employees. So do not hesitate. Take action. Contact a Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney today.

In the case regarding the Arnold police force, it is said that although the city believed it had a strong case, it did not want to risk a sympathetic jury, because fighting the case could have cost the City of Arnold more than $2 million in damages and legal fees. The city council voted 8-0 to approve the settlement.

The officer, Alicia Ott was hired in 1999 as an Arnold patrol officer. She became a detective in 2009, which is when she said Owen Conarow, another officer who is the department’s gun instructor, began sexually harassing her. She claims in the lawsuit the incidents led to her being demoted, suspended and eventually fired.

As with sexual harassment, retaliation is not uncommon either. However, there are laws to protect against this. So despite any fears you may have of retaliation, do not hesitate in reporting any incidences of sexual harassment. A Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer can give you more information on California state laws, as they apply specifically to your case – regardless of your level of employment, and regardless of the sector (private or public) in which you work.

A Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney can be contacted at (213) 985-1466.

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