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Employment Lawyers in Los Angeles are needed by workers who have suffered from unfair labor practices. The purpose of employment law is to protect workers from conduct that is beyond the legal standard on the part of the employer. The laws, pertinent to labor, are set forth in order to maintain an employer/employee relationship that proves harmonious.

Labor laws are designed to recognize employment practices that are unjust or unfair. In addition to employees, persons fitting the classification(s) of former employees; and job seekers are covered by labor laws. The following unlawful actions are relative to labor law:

a) Discrimination or retaliation;
b) Sexual harrassment;
c) Wrongful demotion and termination;
d) Violence within the workplace;
e) Invasion of privacy;
f) Whistle blowing;
g) Promotion denial;
h) Not allowing the employee to break for meals; or periods of rest;
g) Preventing an employee to take maternity leave; leave with regard to disability; and medical leave.
h) Denying the individual overtime pay;
i) Paying wages below the minimum wage amount; and,
j) Denial of wages (unpaid).

All that said, the majority of lawsuits with regard to labor, filed within the Los Angeles area have to do with discrimination on the part of the employer. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (1964) is the portion of the law which protects employees from the discriminatory acts of employers.

Employment concerns/issues mentioned above are best resolved through attainment of legal services from employment lawyers in Los Angeles. Employment lawyers in Los Angeles are familiar with California case law relative to your particular set of circumstances; and can proceed in resolving the matter in a manner that proves equitable and just. If you have been involved in any of the preceding unlawful situations, do not hesitate to contact an employment lawyer within the Los Angeles area to handle the matter for you. Further, it is suggested, if you are the least bit unsure as to whether or not you truly have a basis for a labor case, employment lawyers in Los Angeles can easily advise you if your employer has fallen outside the bounds of the written legal standard.

Employment lawyers in Los Angeles can prove beneficial to you by providing you with the following services:

a) Informing you what evidence is necessary to win your claim; and how to go about compiling the information/evidence; b) Drafting the proper legal documentation (on your behalf); c) Arguing (again on your behalf) against the defendant; and, d) Effecting proper negotiation(s) with respect to your claim/case in a representative capacity.

When your legal rights have been violated, it is necessary to have an employment lawyer within the Los Angeles area on your side in order to provide the best possible legal resolution with regard to your rights. Count on employment lawyers in Los Angeles to bring the matter to rest.


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