Sexual Harassment Lawyer Fullerton

Are you a victim of sexual harassment? If you suspect that you may be the victim of sexual assault, a sexual harassment lawyer in Fullerton may be able to help represent you in court and defend your rights.

Sexual Harassment is when a person of authority or power engages in sexual behaviors that are highly inappropriate or unwanted, which is an abuse of power. It unfortunately occurs frequently in the workplace – people will attempt to coerce their co-workers or subordinates into engaging in sexual acts in exchange for a more favorable raise, bonus, or promotion.

Some examples of sexual harassment are comments about someone’s body or clothing, demeaning references to someone’s gender, repeated staring, comments or propositions of a sexual nature. Some more examples of sexual harassment would be jokes about one’s gender or gender specific traits, physical assault, questions about one’s sexual nature, or harassing messages and repeated commands for dates or sex. Those are just some examples of sexual harassment, it can take many forms. Sexual harassment is unlawful, and it is unacceptable in the workplace. Anyone who feels as though they have been sexually harassed in the work place needs to contact a sexual harassment lawyer in Fullerton so that they may understand their rights.

If you are a victim of one of these inappropriate behaviors then there are many sexual harassment lawyers in Fullerton available to help you. Sexual Harassment drastically impact someone’s learning and work environment and it should not be ignored or taken lightly. The sexual harassment lawyers in Fullerton understand what you are going through. They understand the physical, emotional and mental toll it takes on the victims of sexual assault. Their main goals are to obtain the proper compensation that you deserve, and to make changes in your workplace’s policies.

Some compensation benefits that a sexual harassment lawyer in Fullerton will try to obtain for you would be back pay, front pay, actual damages, damages for emotional distress and punitive damages, as well as pain and suffering. Many sexual harassment lawyers in Fullerton provide you with free consultations where you can explain your claim to them and then they will in return tell you what help they may be able to provide.

In order to find more information on sexual harassment lawyers in Fullerton, contact Diefer Law Group today. They will take you through the step by step process of getting your compensation in full detail. Taking a stand against those that are abusing their power, sexually harassing you, is your first step in making a difference and getting the justice you deserve.


Fast Food Chain Agrees to Pay $150,000 in Sexual Harassment Case
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