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Sexual harassment that creates an abusive or hostile work environment is illegal in the United States. This type of harassment does not require that an individual is fired, denied a promotion, or experience economic injury. Instead, a claim of hostile work environment sexual harassment can be made as a result of individuals exhibiting harassing behavior that leads to another employee experiencing psychological harm or feeling uncomfortable in their work environment. Examples of sexual harassment that create a hostile work environment include the displaying of pornographic material, sexual remarks, sexual comments, sexual jokes, and inappropriate touching and grabbing. Regardless of whether the harassment you experience leads to the loss of employment or a job benefit, everyone deserves to work in a safe and comfortable environment where they do not feel threatened or uncomfortable. If you think you or a co-worker has been harassed sexually in the workplace, please contact a sexual harassment lawyer in Orange County such as Diefer Employment Law Attorneys. They can help to explain hostile environment sexual harassment and will help to prove your claims in court.

Individuals responsible for sexual harassment that creates a hostile or abusive work environment can include supervisors, coworkers, and even non-employees who are at a work site. Sexual harassment relies heavily upon the way that it makes a victim feel, and not upon the initial intent of the harasser. A hostile work environment due to sexual harassment is often defined as somewhere where continual harassment occurs, or if the harassment is severe or persistent.

By hiring a sexual harassment lawyer in Orange County, you can ensure that your rights are protected and that your harasser is brought to justice. If they are able to successfully help you win your case, you may receive damages associated with medical bills, and loss and enjoyment of life. In cases such as these, the employer is often required to prove that the harassment did not occur, and a sexual harassment lawyer can help your case by questioning your employer’s statements. Ultimately, the harasser, as well as the employer or supervisor, may be convicted with harassment.


Fast Food Chain Agrees to Pay $150,000 in Sexual Harassment Case
Panda Express, one of the nation’s largest fast food chains – has agreed to pay $150,000 to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit. ... continue reading


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