Although usually not required to do so under California law, many employers provide employees with an option to sign a severance agreement at the end of their employment. These agreements do not come without a price. Almost always, employees are required to relinquish all rights to pursue any lawsuits against their former employers in order to obtain the severance pay. Additionally, employers sometimes attempt to sneak other provisions into a severance agreement, including non-compete clauses, non-solicitation clauses, and the waiver of your right to seek unemployment benefits.

Our experienced employment attorneys can help you navigate through these complex agreements. Indeed, our employment attorneys have reviewed hundreds of such agreements, and can help you decide whether signing such an agreement is in your best interest. Additionally, in many cases we are able to negotiate a better severance package.

In order to better assist you, our employment law attorneys have developed an extensive review system to assure you that you are not waiving any rights without proper compensation. To that end, our Firm provides a flat fee service of $250.00 to review, analyze, and advise you of your rights pursuant to a severance agreement. Our attorneys can also accomplish the review of your severance agreement without you having to leave your home.

For more information or to speak directly with one of our employment law attorneys today, call us directly at 949-260-9131.


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