State Pays $1M to Settle Sexual Harassment Claims

The State of New York has agreed to pay in excess of $1 million in public money to settle sexual harassment claims against state workers.

13 females and one male brought cases against various state agencies over the course of four years. The largest single payout of the case brought forward was for a case involving the state Office of Children and Family Services, a case that yielded a $650,000 payout.

The million dollar settlement isn’t the first of cases to be settled by the state. October records indicate that New York taxpayers paid $5.3 million in more than 20 other settlements, dating back to 2008.
Sexual harassment is not to be taken lightly, and as shown here it has stern consequences. As with the state of New York, the state of California has strict laws governing against sexual harassment – especially in the work place.

If you feel you have been sexually harassed, report it immediately to your supervisor and/or to human resources. Also though, be sure to protect your legal rights by contacting a Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney today.

All too often sexual harassment in the work place goes unreported. Employees are often hesitant to report such incidences – afraid of retaliation by their employer. However, there are laws to protect against retaliation as well. So do not fear what might happen if you report incidences of sexual harassment. Psychological and physical anguish often accompany being victimized by sexual harassment.

A Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney can help alleviate some of the fear by ensuring that your legal rights will be protected to the fullest extent of the law. Because you do have rights, but the only way to make sure those rights are protected is to have legal representation.

The million dollar payout by the state of New York ends claims against several state agencies – including the offices of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Office, the Downstate Medical Center, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp., the Division of Military and Naval Affairs, the State University of New York at Stony Brook — and even the state courts system.

Regardless of where you work – whether for a public entity or private, large business or small, everyone is protected under the law. So do not hesitate. Contact a Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer today, so he/she can give you more information on California state laws as they apply specifically to your case. A Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney can be reached at (213) 985-1466.

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