Male on Male Sexual Harassment Suit Results in $600,000 Settlement

Females are often thought to be the victims of sexual harassment. But this isn’t always the case. In fact, a famous steakhouse in New York recently reached a $600,000 settlement in a male-on-male sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit.

22 male waiters at Sparks Steak House in Manhattan were the victims of inappropriate comments and touching. The harassment was done primarily by a male manager over the course of nearly eight years. Sexual harassment does not discriminate based on sex. It happens to males just as it happens to females. So, male or female, if you feel you are the victim of sexual harassment, it is important that you report the incident(s), and that you contact a Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney immediately. There are laws to protect you and your rights, and a Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney can protect those rights.

In the case of Sparks Steakhouse, despite the fact that many waiters complained to management, the harassment did not stop. Some of those who made the reports even endured retaliation – and were given more difficult work assignments, and/or were ultimately suspended.

All too often the fear of retaliation prevents people from reporting sexual harassment. But again, there are laws to protect you. So contact a Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney immediately, so he/she can review the facts of your case specifically, and can tell you the best courses of legal action.

In addition to having to pay $600,000, Sparks Restaurant also agreed to establish a complaint hot line, agreed to distribute an amended sexual harassment policy to all employees, and agreed to conduct anti-discrimination training.

According to the lead attorney for the EEOC on the case, “When an employer fails to address harassment and responds by retaliating against the victims, it compounds the violation. We believe this (the settlement) is a fair resolution.”

Fear of retaliation often prevents people from stepping forward with sexual harassment claims. However, as clearly demonstrated by this case, the fear of retaliation should not prevent a victim from protecting his/her rights.

A Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer can give you more information on California state laws, as they apply specifically to your case, and can help determine the best courses of action. A Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney can be reached at (949) 260-9131.

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